Techempower's Web Benchmark Year 2020 Reveals

PHP vs. Swoole vs. Laravel vs. NodeJS vs. ASP core vs. Python

php with ngx and “pgsql” as Database

Rank (Lowest the Best): 11,
Handles User’s Requests per second (Higher The Better): 356,507
Efficiency (in Utilizing Computing Resources): 52.6%

php with ngx and “mysql” as Database
Rank: 23,
Requests Per Second: 290,312
Efficiency (in Utilizing Computing Resources): 42.8%

Asp DotNET (core) with “pgsql” as Database
Rank: 24,
Requests per second: 285398,
Efficiency (in Utilizing Computer Resources): 42.1%

(Asynchronous PHP Framework) “Swoole” with “MySQL” Database
Rank: 25,
Requests per second: 283, 728,
Efficiency: 41.8%

(Remained on top, as Rank “03” on the Benchmark in 2019 when configured properly)

php with ngx-async and “Mysql” as Database
Rank: 91,
Requests per second: 151,834,
Efficiency: 22.4%

Nodejs (raw) with “mongodb” a Database
Rank: 116,
Request Per Second 115,477
Efficiency: 17.0%

Nodejs with “Mysql” as Database
Rank: 152,
Requests per Second: 91,799,
Efficiency: 13.5%

Nodejs with “postgres” Database
Rank 217,
Requests Per Second: 55925,
Efficiency: 8.2%

(Laravel’s Micro Framework) “Lumen” with (Asynchronous) Swoole
Rank: 295,
Requests Per Second: 25147,
Efficiency: 3.7%

(PHP-based Framework) “Laravel” with (Asynchronous) Swoole
Rank: 316,
Requests Per Second: 20935,
Efficiency: 3.1%

(Python-based Framework) “django” with “postgresql” Database
Rank: 341,
Requests per second: 15085,
Efficiency: 2.2%

(Python-based Framework) “django” with “mysql” Database
Rank: 345,
Requests Per Second: 14699,
Efficiency: 2.2%

(Python’s Asynchronous Framework) “tornado” ( with MongoDB)
Rank: 364,
Requests Per Second: 8435.
Efficiency: 1.3%

(Laravel’ Micro-framwork) “lumen” with MySQL
Rank: 367,
Requests Per Second: 8435,
Efficiency: 1.2%

(Nodejs Framework) “express” with "mongodb"
Rank: 376,
Requests Per Second: 5588,
Efficiency: 0.8%

(PHP’s MVC-Framework) Laravel (with ngx, fpm, and MySQL)
Rank: 377,
Requests Per Second: 5563,
Efficiency: 0.8%