What was your first project you made public?

We all start somewhere, I started my first public project building a code snippet platform focused on organising useful bits of code and information, kind of like your own code reference book you build yourself, I wanted to make it different from a normal HTML/CSS/JS sandbox. I hated saving loads of bookmarks like useful StackOverflow posts and examples from different websites and instead of saving them in a text file, I wanted something specific, so I made CodeClippet to solve that issue.

This was my first public project, please be nice :laughing:

My first public project was https://CodeClippet.com

What and why was yours? :smiley:


This is cool! I’ve actually started using it to share code with a friend! The snippet folder system works well I think.

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My first real live project was https://orsolo.com ive pushed others but this really picked up and gained traction

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Hey, thank you for sharing your project! I’ve seen Orsolo before on Twitter, I like the design, looks very clean, keep up the good work.